I have been always passionate about art, making my own pieces since my childhood. My hands were covered with paint every single day. I sculptured from plasticine, drew pictures, painted and crafted numerous pieces.
I also used to help my grandmother who was a brilliant tailor in my childhood. Her skill and creativity have inspired me a lot. Later, I began preparing clothes for myself and my friends.
I opened my very first exhibition in Ankara (Turkey) in 2000. It was about hand-made sewed fabric copies of the most famous paintings of the greatest artists. Later I became a member of a few International Art Doll exhibitions. My recent exhibition was in Dubai in 2016.
Having a life spent in different countries and meeting various cultures opened great opportunities to learn new things and find new techniques in art. It helped a lot to shape my own technique too. However, finding yourself is a continuous evolution and never ends.
I also attended a number of courses and master classes about doll making and completely got into the doll world. It is full of joy and satisfaction to sculpt a doll, dress it and give an expression to its face. You become a sculpture, designer, costumer, hairdresser, florist, shoemaker and many others.
I was lucky to be the student of famous doll artists like Natalia Lopusova-Tomskaya, Olga Egupets, Irina Kacharava and others.
As much as learning, sharing the knowledge is also a pleasure.